Prayer at Home

Worship Online

As well as worshipping together in person, we also worship together online, and you would be more than welcome to join in with our online video services on our YouTube channel or our facebook page, or you can access an audio only version of the morning service by calling 01568 609920 (normal call charges apply).

We also meet on Zoom at 11.30 each Sunday to have a chat and a catch up – you’d be very welcome to join us, even if you’ve never come before. If you want to join in, just contact for the link. 

And we have an audio Evensong service that can be found on Buzzsprout here

Prayer of the week

In these challenging times when we are unable to gather together, we can still pray together. Every week you will find here a prayer we can use as a community. Here is the Church of England prayer of the week:

Lord Jesus Christ,
in these dark and difficult days, we turn our hearts to you.
In ages past, you have delivered our nation from disaster.
Do it again, we pray.
Give wisdom beyond human wisdom to our leaders,
Give strength beyond human strength to the NHS and all our frontline workers.
Give comfort beyond human comfort to the elderly and all who grieve.
Lord Jesus Christ, 
in these dark and difficult days,
turn your face towards us,
have mercy upon us,
and heal our land, we pray.

You will also find daily prayers for November here

Prayer at Home

If you’d like to pray more at home, we’ve put together a little collection of resources that you might find helpful. Some are produced locally, some from further afield.

The Diocese has a Prayer Diary that suggests groups and individuals to pray for each day as we support each other in the diocese and across the world in prayer:

The World Council of Churches also has a rather lovely cycle of prayer that draws on prayers from across the world and can be found here:

If you’re looking for some Anglican forms of prayer, you can find things like Common Worship and the Book of Common Prayer here: or there’s an app called ‘Time to Pray’ that is now free to use:

For the times when there are things you want to pray about but you just can’t find the words, the CofE also has a ‘topical prayers’ section to help:

Since more and more churches and monastic communities have gone online in lockdown, you can also make the most of things like:



Hereford Cathedral:

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