Rector Vacancy information

After 12 years as Team Rector of Leominster, Mike Kneen has now retired and we have started the process to find his replacement.  The Rector of Leominster (sometimes referred to as the vicar) is the Rector of the town, as well as The Priory Church, and also leads the Leominster Team Ministry, a group of 22 other churches in the team. The Rector has an important role to play in the life of our community and to take a spiritual lead, not just to the Christian and church community, but to everyone who lives here. For this reason, we sought people's views on the role, and key characteristics of a new Rector, the priorities for the development of the Priory Church and how they think the vicar should be involved in the life of the town.

Thank you for your contributions to the consultation exercise, interviews were held at the end of June and we expect an announcement soon!

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