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Facilities for people with disabilities

This ancient building has many different levels and the floor surfaces can be worn or uneven in places, so please take extra care. 

The central nave is accessible, although at the east end in St. Paul's Chapel some assistance might be necessary where there are two rises of about 15cm.  Prior to church services there is normally a temporary metal ramp set up for this purpose.

Toilet facilities for wheelchair users are available during services, but due to security considerations they are not necessarily available at all other times.  However, these are located in the Norman Nave on the far side of the Church, when viewed from the main entrance - halfway down, on the left.  To reach the Norman Nave from the entrance area, the Central Nave, it is necessary to descend four steps, about 70cm.   

There is a ramp which is some thirty years old, and having a steep angle, needs to be used with caution.  Unfortunately it is unsuitable for mobility scooters as they might be either too heavy or "ground" coming on or off the ramp. The Priory has a conventional wheelchair which can be borrowed for use instead of a scooter.

Subject to planning consent for this Grade 1 Listed Building, and the necessary funding being raised, there is a plan to make significant alterations to the floor layout to improve access to the toilets.

Other toilet facilities are opposite the Fire Station in the Bridge Street Car Park or by the rear entrance to the Etnam Street Car Park.  Car Parks and Public Toilets