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Publication: Leominster Minster, Priory & Borough c660-1539


by Joe and Caroline Hillaby

ISBN 1 904396 56 9

Friends of Leominster Priory and Logaston Press. 2006
292 pages; some 150 b/w and 35 colour illustrations

"An exemplary achievement" (The Local Historian, May 2008)
(see the full review)

Joe Hillaby’s 100-page Presidential address to the Woolhope Society, ‘Early Christian and Pre-Conquest Leominster’, in 1987 was followed in 1995 by ‘Leominster and Hereford: The Origins of the Diocese’ in Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology at Hereford, British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions 15, and in 2000 by his chapter on the ‘Columban and Roman’ church in The Early Church in Herefordshire.

This book brings together the history of Minster, Priory and Borough. Available from the Priory's book stall at only £10 because of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, all proceeds go to the Friends of Leominster Priory.

Grateful acknowledgements to Leominster History Study Group