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Stoke Prior & Ford

St Luke, Stoke Prior

Pattern of Services
1st Sunday - 9.30am Holy Communion
2nd Sunday
3rd Sunday

4th Sunday 
5th Sunday - Group Service

Services for December 2019
Sunday, 1st December - 4.30pm Team Advent Service at the Priory Church
Sunday, 9th December - 10.00am Group Toy Service at Docklow
Sunday, 15th December - 3.50pm Carol Service at Pudleston
Wednesday 25th December - 9.30am Christmas Eucharist at Humber

Weekday Communion Service
Wednesdays 10.30am The Priory

Ordained Local Minister: Rev. Celia Rees,
email:  celia.rees@leominsterpriory.org.uk
To arrange a wedding, baptism or funeral please phone the Leominster Team office on 01568 612124 between 9.30am and 1pm on weekdays or call in for an informal chat.

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St John of Jerusalem, Ford

Services for December 2018
1st Sunday
2nd Sunday
3rd Sunday

4th Sunday - 9.30am Holy Communion
5th Sunday