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Work begins on Priory repairs

The Priory is a Grade 1 Listed Building on the site on an Ancient Monument. This beautiful property presents an onging challenge to repair and maintain.  

There is a proessing need to restore the Great West Window's stone mullions (window frame) which features carved stone elements that are of particular historical importance.  Wet cold winters have unfortunately taken their toll and the stone work has suffered erosion.




Another essential project is repairing the tiled floor that over a century ago was laid without a firm foundation.

In common with all Church of England Parish Churches, The Priory Church is responsible for its own finances and there is no public money available for projects of this kind.

Half of the £30,000 cost has been donated by generous contributions from grant-giving charities and both works are now about to begin.

The Priory Church of Leominster gratefully acknowledges the valuable financial support it has again received from 

The Garfield Weston Foundation          

The National Churches Trust                 

Rotate AnticlockwiseHerefordshire Historic Churches Trust  

Allchurches Trust Ltd                            

Restoration Work
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