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Leominster Historical Society - Diary of events 2017

Visitors very welcome £3 a session.  

Contact Will Pridie on 01568 611398

Leominster Historical Society

2017 Programme

All talks are held at Grange Court at 7.30 pm

Wednesday, 15th February

     Hereford Cathedral Secrets by Penny Platts

Wednesday, 15th March

     St. John’s Walk Project by Clare Withhold

Wednesday, 19th April

     Battle of Cursneh Hill by Liz Round

Wednesday, 17th May

     The Life and Times of the Revd Francis Culvert
     by Mr Alan Brimson of the Culvert Society

Tuesday 6th June

     Robin Cartwright talk about his parents’ wartime experiences
     7.30 John Abel Room. Festival Booking Essential.
     Co-sponsored Talk

Tuesday, 13th June


     A visit to St. John’s Walk & Mappa Mundi Exhibition
     Booking Essential

Wednesday,12th July

    Visit to Little Malvern Court & Gardens.
     Booking essential

Tuesday, 8th August

    Grange Court Tour with Sue Russell
    Booking essential

Tuesday, 22nd August

    Visit to Hereford Sorting Office Museum
    conducted by Peter Mayne, retired postman.
    Booking essential

Thursday, 7th September

    Visit to Gloucester Docks with a boat trip
    Booking essential

Wednesday, 18th October

    Victorian Portents of Death by Helen Frisby

Wednesday, 15th November

    AGM at 7pm followed by a talk
    on the Hereford & Gloucester Canal:  

    History and Construction  by Nigel Jefferies

Wednesday, 13th December

    The Mappa Mundi by Sarah Arrowsmith

Membership: £10. All talks except Festival Lecture – members free: visitors welcome @ £3

Visits are in italics : but book early for these dates and advanced payment is essential.


Community Events (other than Arts)
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